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Kaleo Conferences

Kaleo is our best discipleship tool.  

Each year our campus staff and students recruit 1,000 young leaders from over twenty-five college campuses to attend a Kaleo summer discipleship project. Five different Kaleo projects occur simultaneously across the states of California, Alabama, and Florida each summer for nine weeks. 

Our staff members train student discipleship group leaders who in turn invest in college students who are young in their faith.  

  • The impact of your gift:  
  • Provides our Missions Conference, Discipleship Conference, and Relationship Conference at all five Kaleo projects.  
  • Provides event space for weekly meetings and events.  
  • Funds key materials needed for weekly project functions.  
  • Provides regular social activities for students to enjoy fellowship.  
  • Ensures one thousand college students have resources for nine weeks of spiritual growth.  

Notice: If preferencing your gift to a student attending Kaleo or an international trip, please use their specific giving page that they can provide you. Please use this page to support the Kaleo program without a student preference. Thanks for partnering with us!

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