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Each fall, thousands of incoming freshmen are impacted by StuMo outreach efforts, including the annual StuMo Conference (SMC) in January.

Historically, over 50% of students in attendance are non-believers. They receive biblical training, break free of habitual sin, renew their commitment to Christ and receive tools to increase spiritual influence among non-believers.

The impact of your gift:

  • Ensures housing and a few key meals for attending students.  
  • Secures use of an arena with state-of-the-art media equipment.  
  • Connects unbelieving students directly with the message of Jesus.  
  • Creates a warm atmosphere of friendship and spiritual interest.  

Notice: If wishing to register to SMC, please find the registration link on Please use this page to give to SMC scholarships and promotions. Thanks for partnering with us!

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